Frequently Asked Questions

Do join us for an afternoon of fun and entertainment. All your frequently asked questions about Right Royale Tea (the unique comedy dining experience) can be found below.

What is A Right Royale Tea all about?

A Right Royale Tea is an interactive and immersive theatre and dining experience, where the diners/audience can be part of the show (as much or as little as they wish). We mingle and interact with the diners throughout our little soiree. Some the performance is improvised, drawing from topical events and audience participation, with the remaining following a scripted narrative.

What is the story about?

Diners will join myself and Her Ladyship as we recreate the (in)famous moment King George V graced our marvellous mansion, Crawley Castle. We'll take you back to the 1920s, learn a thing or two about Royal etiquette and enjoy an Afternoon Tea (or meal) of classic British fayre. As the ‘downstairs’ gets everything together, let’s hope the ‘upstairs’’ secrets don’t spill, the King turns up and Her Ladyship behaves herself. Expected unexpected 1920s elegance, a stiff upper-lip and a delicious meal over a two-hour interactive comedy performance where you, the diners, are part of the fun.

What do you eat?

We work closely with any venue to get the menu a right British affair. The show works perfectly with a good old traditional afternoon tea, but can of course be adapted for lunch or dinner. *Please note that A Right Royale Tea and BoRo Live Experiences accept no responsibility for the food and drink that is served by the hotel or venue.

Can you order drinks?

We encourage our venues to promote the bar for extra revenue sales, including an up-sell package that includes a glass of bubbles or two. It is fine for guests to get up from their seats during the performance to top up their glasses (Lord knows Her Ladyship will be doing the same!)

What if guests have a special dietary requirement?

The venue is responsible for catering for dietary requirements including gluten-free and vegans. However, the stage manager will faciliate and identify who has food allergies to help the venue on the day.

What are the minimum and maximum number of diners

To make a jolly good show, we recommend a minimum number of 40 guests and a maximum of 120. Any more than that we need the use of microphones - I don't think my voice is up to scratch these days.

Can you go to the bathroom during the performance?

Yes you can although we recommend you go to the toilet during the parts of the performance which are not scripted.

Is it suitable for children?

We recommend A Right Royale Tea for children over 8, as long as they attend with a parent or guardian.

Can we hire the performance for a corporate event?

Yes, you can hire the show at our location, or we can come to your venue – as long as it is suitable for us all and the script. Take a look at our Hire Us page or contact us at

Is it all in English?

Yes, his Lord and Ladyship do not speak any foreign languages. The performance is very visual which helps get over any language barriers.

Can I buy tickets at the venue?

This rather depends on the venues. We encourage people to book in advance so we can tell chef how many scones to bake.

I am celebrating a special occasion

Please let us know if you or your group are celebrating a hen do, birthday or anniversary and we will do our best to work it into the performance. We may even sing Happy Birthday to you.

Can we take photos or video during the performance?

Absol-bloody-lutely! You will have to fight me to be out of them though. The use of photographic and video equipment is allowed during the show. There will be an opportunity for you to take your own photos with us all during the performance too.

Can I touch the actors?

Oh no, no, no. We will be performing around you and you can not touch or verbally or physically assault us, otherwise you will be immediately ejected from the venue. We are all professionally trained you know and are there to entertain you and the whole audience. Please don't be one of those people that think they are funnier than us - we will embarrass you!

Is there merchandise available?

Yes, of course! Please visit our merchandise page for our selection of hoodies and 'tea'-shirts.

Should it be cream then jam, or jam then cream, on your scones?

Well, it rather depends on where you are from. If you are from Devon then the cream goes first. If you are from Cornwall then the jam goes first. To be honest, it doesn't REALLY matter as it all ends up in your tum anyway, and the gin washes it down, wiping the whole debate into a drunken blur.