Meet The Rights

How to greet His Lordship

Here are the important people, and the not so important people, in the Right Household. But before you meet them at our comedy dining experience, let me teach you how one should greet his and her Lordships.


Firstly, think of what you breathe in - that's right AIR

Next, what do you have on your head? Well, most people anyway! Correct! HAIR!

Lastly, where do dragons live, hm? Super, a LAIR!

Now put them altogether and you have how us posh people say 'hello'.

Air hair lair!

Lord Right

Debonair and dashing. Has never worked a day in his life, and hasn't a clue about money. Does everything to make his wife happy.

Ginny the daughter

Named after Her Ladyship's favourite tipple, my delightful daughter is a debutante searching for a suitor. although Her Ladyship would prefer a Duke, Ginny would much rather have a wizard.

Patrick the Butler

Calm and assertive (others would say 'rude'). Fiercely loyal to the master of the house. Speaks in the third person.

Lady Right

Charming and sophisticated, with no idea of how the real world works.

Likes gin. A Lot.

Richard the Lawyer

Suave and slick. A long-time family friend, desperately trying to keep the family from going bust.

Cora the maid

Sweet and mischievous. A local lass, loves the family home and feels privileged to be there.

Sometimes I have to give the characters the afternoon orf, so at some performances different characters will appear.

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